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An addition to the Jan 2009 newsletter:
OGT news Items
Sam Freeman has returned to Liberia only after much waiting, loss of his wife, frustration and depression. He has clearance from the Liberian Customs for another container and is just putting his life back together.
We are trying to get a container into a area hit by the Earth Quake in South China. This area was visited by Kirk Rosin. This area is very poor and has a Christian population.
Over Christmas vacation, Avonne and I spend a long week end with a group of youth being led by Adam Hubrig, student at Concordia in Seward, NE. Together with a team of LCMS young people presenting a VBS to a group of children at Bdecan Church, Tokio, Spirit Lake Nation Reservation. The OGT furnished the food and Avonne & Harold prepared the meals and snacks. The children were receptive to the Christian lessons and crafts. A Christ centered activity. All Glory to God.
Harold Gessner, OGT

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