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2011 Convention Resolutions concerning Kenya

Resolution 11-02
, God has blessed the International Lutheran Laymen's League in allowing them to expand their mission to the far reaches of the world through International Centers; and

WHEREAS, the North Dakota District of the International Lutheran Laymen's League has been partnered with the International Center in Kenya; and

WHEREAS, God has led the North Dakota District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod to be a prayer partner with teh Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya; and

WHEREAS, a group of Laymen from North Dakota has established Project 24, a project to build 24 orphanages across Kenya; and

WHEREAS, John Maina, Director of the International Center in Kenya, spent one week in North Dakota this past summer sharing as to how this important ministry is reaching out to the people of Kenya; be it

RESOLVED, the North Dakota District of the Internation Lutheran Laymen's League, through its newsletter and other means, inform the members of the North Dakota District- Lutheran Missouri Synod of this important mission; be it further

RESOLVED, that we, driven by the Holy Spirit, pray that work being done by the International Center, the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Kenya, and Project 24 would reach many souls in Kenya and bring them to faith in their Lord and Savior Jesus Christ; and be it finally

RESOLVED, that we, the North Dakota District Laymen's League, continue to support the International Center financially.

A Maasai Girl's Journey Toward Faith from LHM International on Vimeo.

News from Kenya

Oct 2013

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A note from John concerning the new resolutions...

"Hi. Thanks for that very encouraging report. Please pass our appreciations to the ND Laymen's League for those resolutions on our behalf. May God bless all your efforts as you continue to pass on the simple message that 'God so Loved the World...' "

God bless
John Maina

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John Maina is the LHM Coordinator for Kenya. Prayers and words of encouragement are always welcome. Contact him at:

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